Customizable Energy Solutions

Did you know that in most cases energy is one of the top 5 costs of your overall budget?

If you are trying to manage cost and risk over time, it has become VERY unclear as to the best way to manage and procure energy given all the complex and conflicting information floating around the marketplace.

At EMR we strive to eliminate the confusion by working with you as your trusted advisor (some of our clients even think of us as their Chief Energy Officer!). We accomplish this by understanding “HOW” you use energy and “WHEN” you use it.

Once we have a clear understanding of the “HOW” and the “WHEN” we work with you to design a comprehensive strategy for you and your organization. Imagine this…You will now have more control than just turning on and off the light switch!

So, whether you are a single location or have locations all over North America, we would like to have a conversation with you to understand your specific challenges in taking back control of your energy cost!

Let’s get the conversation started! Give us a call today at 816-883-1000.