The energy industry is a constantly changing, fast-paced market that requires staff dedication to keep on top of it. Therefore, EMR has invested heavily into technologies that provide both us and our clients the information we need at our fingertips. We deliver that data through EnergyExpress, our information portal. Our goal is to place as much information at your finger tips.

EnergyExpress is built to provide you instant up-to-date access to data such as:

  • Energy Market Data
  • Regulatory updates
  • Weekly updates on the direction of the energy market
  • Energy pricing, industry news and trends
  • Energy usage and cost reports by plant and company totals
  • Energy savings reports
  • Hedge Reports
  • Budget Reports
  • Invoice storage and retrieval
  • Third Party supply summary reports and document management

EMR's information portal is designed to help you better understand and gain control of your energy expenses. Call us at 816-883-1000 or email for a demo of what Energy Express can do for your company.