How can you find savings opportunities if you don't really
know what you spend and where you spend it?

This challenge really hit home for one EMR client, when a corporate acquisition resulted in a rapid sourcing changeover for more than 30 plants and millions of dollars in energy spending. EMR's management services were a valued resource to the newly acquired company, as we were able to quickly provide the parent company a clear and concise view of the impact on the company's energy expenditures.

EMR efficiently managed collecting, organizing and analyzing the newly acquired plants data and supported a smooth and effective transition. Within a short period of time, EMR was able to provide savings opportunities for several of the plants, resulting in tens of thousands of dollars in savings!

Another EMR customer requires a biweekly report that monitors all the components of their natural gas costs in comparison to their alternative fuel. In this report, EMR compiles NYMEX pricing, basis cost, transportation, fuel and utility costs and then compares this cost to their alternate fuel delivered cost. This is one valuable resource that the company uses to manage their hedging decisions.

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