EMR understands that you have a unique set of circumstances when it comes to running your business. As your energy expert, we can help you save money and improve operating efficiency by analyzing your competitive, regional and industry landscape and creating an Energy Strategy for you.

In developing your Energy Strategy we:

  • Review your current supply strategy
  • Analyze location requirements by region and utility
  • Conduct a full utility bill audit and evaluation
  • Determine your tolerance for business interruptions
  • Evaluate alternative supply options
  • Provide price-risk management consultation
  • Tax rate and exemption analysis
  • Recommend a comprehensive supply strategy
  • Recommend a comprehensive risk management strategy

Energy supplies are a more complex but controllable expense in your operation. A comprehensive energy evaluation and strategy will provide the framework to implement and manage your energy requirements. This allows us to enhance your operational effectiveness, identify cost-reduction opportunities, control future energy costs, and minimize risks associated with a dynamic energy market.

For more information about how EMR can help your business,call 816-883-1000 or email info@emr-energy.com.